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 exact phrase   Exact phrase:
Setting this option will result in only results containing full phrase, or its variants to be found.
Searching free beer so will find results containing free beer or free beers but will not find free dark beer. Instead of using this option you may enclose your phrase in double quotes ie "free beer"
Sort by time and relevance means sorting will be done by time interval such as today, last week, last month etc, within this group results will be sorted by relevance so you typically get recent most relevant posts first.
Sort by Relevance will sort by relevance, and if relevance found to be the same newer results will be displayed first.
Sort by Time, asc, Sort by Time, desc will perform sorting by data ascending or descending without taking relevance into account. This is used best with exact phrase matching.
Users and Friends
You may specify coma separated list of users you want to limit search to. Entering your livejournal name here will perform search in your journal only. Additionally you may specify list of users who's friends will be used to limit search. Entering your livejournal user here will perform search among your friends. You may have several users in user list and friends list.
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