Winter news

Service news

Winter news

About 3 months have passed since our last news update. We've implemented number of new features in this time and started few new projects. Here is the short list:

  • Fine grain control over indexing and caching
  • Browse LiveJournal content by tags
  • Find Journals by their name and description
  • Image Search.
Fine grain control over indexing and caching

We've been getting number of requests to remove posts which were made friend only or deleted, avoid indexing certain posts or index journal even if it is not allowed to be indexed by major search engines. Now you can do all of this.

You can register with LjSEEK and add your journals to your account (we'll perform validation control at this stage to ensure existing rights for this journal) and specify indexing options as well as edit our database to remove specific posts. There is also tiny Ajax application available which allows to automatically remove all deleted and entries as well as entries made friend only.

Browse LiveJournal content by tags

www.LjTAGSs.com allows you to browse LiveJournal content by tags. Same as you can browse your own post by tags now you can do with posts in all journals. We also compute related tags and have graphic functionality which may be fun to use, this example will show you how big holidays are Christmas and Halloween in terms of people writing about them.

Find Journals by their name and description

Now you can find journals, communities or both by their description at journals.ljseek.com. If you feel like reading something fun try searching "humor".

For each journal we'll also display the last post snippet so you can see what is it really about.

Image Search

www.LjPIC.com now not only provides you with thumbnails of recently posted images, but it also has search functionality to find images on specific topic. We now have more than 15.000.000 of images in our database. As with LjSEEK you can limit search to certain users and their friends. You also can browse picture previews for specific user: http://www.ljpic.com/users/photographers/

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